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This blog is a journal of ideas about maxing out the benefits of food storage and how that works for our family. Whether it's what, where, when, or how, I share my thoughts along with how it all fits in and around work, kids, chores, and fun.

In sharing these thoughts, my goal is to provide people with useful tools, enabling them to "max out" the benefits of food storage for their unique individual and family situations.

About me.

Hi. This is just a little bit about me.

I'm just a typical stay at home, work at home wife and mother, working hard to pull my weight in our family endeavors. My husband is also a business owner and keeps an office here at home. Sometimes that means our house is quieter than it would be otherwise, but mostly, it means his office is louder that it would be, were it located elsewhere.

Smart Food Storage is a business I started up in 2012 with the goal of helping people store food in ways that maximize the benefit to their families. Honestly, it wasn't a long held dream, or something that I planned and wished for. Food storage is something I've practiced and studied for the benefit of my family. An opportunity came up and we took advantage of it. Smart Food Storage was born, and has had something of a life of its own ever since. Basically, I connect clients, both online and that we meet at markets and trade shows, with helpful products. Sometimes that's shelving, sometimes it's a canning tool or a specific book, and sometimes it's a specific food product or line of food. It's pretty fun. I'm always on the lookout for something really useful that many people don't know about.

How did I get here? It's a long story that I don't have time to type and won't be interesting to read. But I will tell you that I hold a Texas Food Handlers card, certification in Food Safety Management, and have earned certificates in Home Food Preservation through the extension services of the University of Oregon and the University of Georgia. I am current working toward a continuing education certificate in Food Science through Washington State University.

I have also earned a certificate in Organic Gardening from the extension service of Cornell University and a Family Herbalist certificate from the School of Natural Healing

When I'm not typing, cooking, working with my children on their schoolwork, or gardening, chances are I'm knitting, studying French, reading (probably science fiction) or doing Sudoku puzzles. I love that when the puzzle is done, it's done.

Anyway, welcome to my blog.

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